Retina Foundation of the Southwest

Who We Are

The Retina Foundation of the Southwest, located in Dallas, Texas, is a nonprofit eye research institute dedicated to preventing vision loss and restoring sight through innovative research and treatment. For 35 years the Retina Foundation has focused on developing treatments for age-related macular degeneration, pediatric eye disorders, and inherited eye diseases. The Foundation is comprised of five laboratories striving to improve the quality of life for people with rare eye diseases.

What sets the Retina Foundation apart is the service we provide to our patients and their families at no cost. Each year, there are more than 2,300 infants, children, adults and seniors who visit the Retina Foundation for advanced visual evaluations free of charge. Our evaluations are unique because many of these testing methods are only available at the Retina Foundation. Patients are referred by local ophthalmologists to help in the diagnosis and treatment of their vision loss. Our goal is to continue advancing sight saving treatments to make a lifetime of good vision a reality for everyone.

Our Mission

The mission of the Retina Foundation of the Southwest is to prevent vision loss and restore sight through innovative research and treatment.

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Eileen Birch, Ph.D.
Director, Crystal Charity Ball Pediatric Vision Laboratory


David Birch, Ph.D.
Scientific Director


Karl Csaky, M.D., Ph.D.
Managing & Medical Director


Dennis Hoffman, Ph.D.
Operations Manager


Yi-Zhong Wang, Ph.D.
Director, Macular Function Laboratory

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Alison Takacs

Research Associate

Amy Lobner, MPH

Development Assistant, Clinical Center of Innovation for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Ann Mungioli

Research Assistant, Molecular Ophthalmology Laboratory

Christina Patel

Research Associate, Crystal Charity Ball Pediatric Vision Laboratory

David Birch, Ph.D.

Scientific Director


  • David Callanan, MD, Chairman
  • Rajiv Anand, MD
  • William W. Bedford
  • Diane Boddy
  • James M. Buch
  • Eve Clark
  • Joseph M. Cox
  • Mary Lee Cox
  • Lori Dao, MD
  • Scott A. Davis
  • John T. Evans
  • Michael D. Hansen
  • Rebecca Hicks
  • Anthony Jackson
  • Donald A. Key
  • Marc Klein
  • Frank J. Marek
  • Richard A. Massman
  • James H. Merritt, MD
  • Mickey Munir
  • Nancy Rogers
  • William B. Snyder, MD
  • Rand Spencer, MD
  • Cindy Stager
  • Tia S. Tomlin
  • Robert C. Wang, MD
  • Paul Wilson


  • Dorothy Anderson
  • Joanne Bowles
  • Faye C. Briggs
  • Kaye Burkhardt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Carter
  • Lou Grabowsky
  • Caroline Rose Hunt
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Herbert Hunt
  • Ralph C. “Red Dog” Jones
  • Bobby B. Lyle
  • Andy McCarthy
  • Jake Murrah
  • T. Boone Pickens
  • Jean Broughton-Powell
  • Bridget Silverthorne Russell
  • Dr. and Mrs. Craig D. Smith
  • Sherry Spencer
  • Dr. and Mrs. David R. Stager, Sr.
  • Drs. Devri and DavidWeakley
  • Joy and John West
  • Jeffrey S. Yarckin

Anonymous One Million Dollar Gift Given to Retina Foundation for AMD Research

A Feast for the Eyes


Learn about the annual events we hold to support our mission and thank our supporters.

20th Anniversary Racing for Sight

2017 Annual Dinner

2017 Visionary Award Recipient

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The Retina Foundation of the Southwest takes our responsibility to our donors and stakeholders seriously. We are proud to provide our financials on our website for you to view. Our values of integrity and transparency are supreme for our agency …

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