Recently@Retina Newsletter October 2023

October 26, 2023


October 2023

The mission of the Retina Foundation of the Southwest is to prevent vision loss and restore sight through innovative research and treatment for pediatric eye conditions, inherited eye diseases, and age-related macular degeneration.



October 2023 Recently At Retina Newsletter Img 01 A Message from our CEO, CMO “We are rapidly growing our scientific footprint and are building upon the Retina Foundation’s long history of success to scale our impact and improve the lives of more and more people suffering from vision problems.”

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The Retina Foundation Hosts Eye On Innovation, The Series, to Discuss the Future of Healthcare in Texas

Still Water Foundation, Texas 2036, Communities Foundation of Texas and the Retina Foundation share insights on how to best meet the needs of Texas’ growing and aging population

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The Retina Foundation, Still Water Foundation and Texas 2036 came together at this year’s first Eye on Innovation, The Series, titled Vision for Texas: Staying Connected for Better Health. By prioritizing a Texan’s independence and quality of life, Texas can pave the way for a stronger infrastructure for business and healthcare through innovative partnerships and research.

Karl Csaky, MD, PhD, Chief Executive and Medical Officer of the Retina Foundation; Ellen Osborne Ray, CEO of Still Water Foundation; and A.J. Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of Texas 2036 came together to share their vision for our growing state. The panel, moderated by Monica Christopher of Communities Foundation of Texas, discussed innovative solutions to Texas’ workforce, infrastructure and healthcare that, if achieved, could be the model for more accessible patient care across the globe.

The future of Texas includes advanced broadband technology, a shrinking healthcare workforce and personalized medicine. As the population in Texas continues to grow and age, the Retina Foundation, Still Water Foundation and Texas 2036 are considering ways to ensure that all residents have access to healthcare, whether they reside in a city or small rural town.

“As the destination for vision, the Retina Foundation is leading the charge to bring more life sciences to North Texas and thinking outside the box to provide access to care,” said Lou Grabowsky, Board Chair for the Retina Foundation. “Great momentum and impactful collaborations have been key to accelerating the Retina Foundation’s breakthroughs and studies into new solutions for vision loss and innovative treatments. And they are key to moving our state forward to ensure all Texas residents have access to healthcare.”

Focus on Researchers@Retina

Age-Related Macular Degeneration “Sibling Study” Begins Enrollment


Funded in part by The Addy Foundation, a new study for individuals diagnosed with AMD who have a non-affected sibling is being conducted by Dr. Karl Csaky and the Retina Foundation’s newest laboratory director, Dr. Sri Sripathi. We will highlight the experience of the first sibling pair to enroll in this genetic research trial in the November issue of Recently@ Retina.

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As a world-class leader in advanced medical research to save and preserve vision, the Retina Foundation has launched Rods & Cones Foresight Circle, an impact society to support and engage in our mission.

Rods and cones are receptors in the retina responsible for sight by converting light into electrical signals. Help us convert the light of our mission and vision into reality by joining our Rods & Cones Foresight Circle.

Members may access private events with Retina Foundation leadership, special social engagements, and the first look at cutting-edge research and breakthroughs.

Join the Retina Foundation’s Rods & Cones Foresight Circle to help us find the best treatments and cures for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Inherited Retinal Diseases, and Pediatric Vision Disorders.

If you would like more information on Rods & Cones, please reach out to Amy Johnson at

214.363.3911, ext. 109,

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Recent Clinical Trials@Retina


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The Molecular Ophthalmology Laboratory is a study site for a recently opened clinical trial to determine how well an experimental therapeutic works for patients with Stargardt Disease. ID: NCT05956626

Please help the Retina Foundation continue leading research and saving sight.



Recently@Retina Newsletter October 2023

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