Retina Foundation Launches Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence Project

Retina Foundation Participates in International Effort to Treat Stargardt Disease

First Patient in Phase 1/2 Clinical Study of Gene Therapy is Treated for X-Linked RP

The Edward C. Fogg, III and Lisbeth A. Fogg Charitable Trust grants Retina Foundation $133,000 for Genetic Eye Disease

Gene Therapy Trial at the Retina Foundation of the Southwest featured in The Dallas Morning News

Gene Causing Blindness Found in Texas Hispanic Families

Silverthorne Lab to Conduct Natural History Study of Usher Syndrome

National Eye Institute Awards $949,804 for a 5-year study of RP

Voelcker Fund Gives $100,000 in Support of Texas 1000 Project

Early Detection is Critical for Rare Eye Diseases

Retina Foundation to Conduct First Optogenetics Gene Therapy Clinical Trial

New Technology Gives ‘Second Sight’ to the Blind