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August 28, 2018

New treatments for lazy eye

We are conducting research on a new treatment for children that have reduced vision in one eye – amblyopia (lazy eye) – as a consequence of cataracts (blurry lens), strabismus (misaligned eyes), or anisometropia (blurry vision in one eye). After a child’s initial eye condition is resolved with glasses and/or surgery, their lazy eye is often all that remains. Patching is the current standard treatment for children with lazy eye. We are researching new binocular treatments for lazy eye that are less time consuming and more engaging than patching using games, cartoons, and movies. These treatments aim to help the two eyes learn to work together. We want to determine the extent to which binocular treatments are effective in treating lazy eye, and whether they reduce the risk for recurrence of lazy eye.


Our research on lazy eye featured in recent news

  1. Strengthening Those Lazy Eyes: Gamers Rejoice:


  1. iPad game helps treat “lazy eye” in children:


  1. iPad game effective in treating lazy eye in children:


  1. iPad Game Effective in Treating Common Eye Condition in Children:


  1. Pediatric ophthalmology and childhood reading difficulties: Amblyopia and slow reading:


Learn more about lazy eye, cataracts, or misaligned eyes:

Binocular Vision Research

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