10,000th Pediatric Patient (3.18.19)

Pediatric Lab Sees 10,000th Patient!

March 18, 2019

Since 1982, the Retina Foundation of the Southwest has been researching pediatric eye conditions to help infants and children with lazy eye, crossed eyes, cataracts, and other conditions. On March 18, 2019, our 10,000th patient completed his appointment. All visits to the Retina Foundation of the Southwest are completely free of charge thanks to generous support from foundations, corporations, and individuals.

The Crystal Charity Ball Pediatric Vision Laboratory’s current goals are:
1. To develop a better understanding of the role of binocular dysfunction in the etiology of esotropia (where one or both eyes turn inward).
2. To develop and evaluate binocular approaches to treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye).
3. To investigate new approaches to early detection of strabismus and amblyopia.
4. To determine how abnormal vision during infancy and childhood affects quality of life.