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Retina Foundation of the Southwest New Home in Dallas

November 16, 2015

Since we opened our doors in 1982, the Retina Foundation of the Southwest has been the epicenter of vision research for the southwest region. We have remained steadfast in our mission to advance treatments for vision loss and our accomplishments in research serve as a testament of what we can do, when we work together.

The Retina Foundation is a leader in research on macular degeneration, pediatric eye disorders, and inherited eye diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa. We serve more than 2,300 children and adults each year completely free of charge.

We have seven premier laboratories and a staff of 23 researchers who collectively publish more than 25 papers for the medical community each year. We have a dedicated Board of 27 volunteers, hundreds of supporters and donors, and thousands more who are depending on our research to develop treatments for their vision loss.

Building Campaign

While we continue to exceed expectations with new treatments and technologies, we were also bursting at the seams in our old facility, desperately in need of a larger space to accommodate our seven laboratories and additional patient examination rooms.

At the beginning of 2013, we completed our capital project by acquiring and renovating a new building that is located on the corner of Walnut Hill Lane and Central Expressway. A new facility was critical for the Retina Foundation to accommodate the expansion of our research and to improve our capacity to serve our patients.

We are the only independent vision research center in the southwest and because of the generosity of people like you, the Retina Foundation of the Southwest has a permanent place to call home.

Your gift to our Vision of the Future Capital Campaign will establish a legacy for the Retina Foundation of the Southwest right in the center of Dallas. Our future is bright, and we need you to be a part of the journey.

Give a Gift

We have raised $2,866,957 toward our $3.6 million Capital Campaign goal. There are many naming opportunities available.

Vision of the Future Capital Campaign


Crystal Charity Ball 2012

The Silverthorne Family


The Theodore and Beulah Beasley Foundation, Inc.

Faye C. Briggs

G.C. Broughton Jr. Foundation

Hillcrest Foundation

Nancy and W. Herbert Hunt Family and Caroline Rose Hunt Family

Dr. & Mrs. W. L. Hutton

Quincy & Estine Lee Charitable Foundation

Helen K. & Robert G. McGraw

Stephen & Nancy Rogers

Dr. & Mrs. William B. Snyder

Bobbi & Fred White


Ruth Collins Altshuler

Kate & Bill Bedford

Dorothy & Cyril Birch

Dallas Association for the Blind

Hoblitzelle Foundation

Karen & Donald A. Key

The George & Fay Young Foundation


Maureen H. & Robert W. Decherd

John T. and Deborah Evans

Penni & Michael D. Hansen

Kathryn & Don Houseman

Richard & Bobbi Massman

Andy McCarthy & Samara Kline

James & Susanna Merritt

Rand & Sherry Spencer

Jeff & Liana Yarckin


Dr. & Mrs. David Callanan

Linda & Scott Davis

Angela & Marc Klein

Bobby B. Lyle

Mickey & Michele Munir

Robert Wang, MD


Linda L. Burk, MD

Gurvetch Foundation

Lynne & Deacon Marek


Dr. Lee Anderson & Mrs. Sherry Hill

Lori Coors, MD

Mary Lee Cox

Marea & Marlan Downey

John A. Hammack

Robert & Sally Hastings

Al Hill, Jr.

Caroline & Bunker Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Hunt

Dr. & Mrs. David R. Stager, Sr.

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Whitman



Dawn Ragan



Valerie & Michael Bakes

Judy Murrah

Harold & Sarah Peek

Jane & Jon Scherper

Tia & Antonio Tomlin

Below $250


Carol & Harry Breitbarth

Evelyn & James Burchfield

James V. Campbell, MD

Natalie & Bill Cobb

The Corbitts

John E. Eisenlohr, MD

Eldon B. Epperson

Mary Everett

Frederick S. Geist, MD

Laurie & Craig Golden

Barbara D. Hair

Wendy Krispin

Boyd D. Lyles, MD

Sara & David Martineau

Barbara Morchower, MD

Dan Murrah

Sharon L. Olson

Cecil Stewart

Evelyn T. Strausman

Carol Vance

Dr. Robert Vodvarka

Patricia Wyler

Richard Zweig, DDS


*listing as of December 1, 2016

Retina Foundation of the Southwest New Home in Dallas

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